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Track and reduce your company's carbon footprint together with your team.

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Achieving environmental goals and climate protection in a playful way

Save the climate together with your company! Transform your company with the CO2 Platform & App. Track and reduce the CO2 footprint of your company together with your team.

Mobilitätstracking leicht gemacht

Effiziente Datenerfassung von Fahrten, Maschinen und Kraftstoffarten, Verkehrsmitteln und Gebäuden sowie deren Berechnung des CO2-Äquivalents. Assistenzsysteme und Vorlagen für wiederkehrende Businesstrips machen eine manuelle Datenerfassung überflüssig.

 Spielerische Herausforderungen und Missionen halten die Motivation hoch und sorgen für ein erfolgreiches Teambuilding. Das Belohnungssystem auf Punktebasis, Rankings sowie ausschreibbare Preise erhöhen den Anreiz und Interaktion über noch längere Zeiträume.

Im persönlichen als auch im Teamdashboard wird der eigene sowie der Zielerreichungsgrad des Unternehmens angezeigt.

Herausforderungen & Missionen gemeinsam meistern

Übergeordnete & persönliche Ziele erreichen

Why this app?

We empower SMEs and corporations to achieve their environmental goals and to live and develop their green identity every day. In doing so, we collect data across all Scope 1, 2 and 3 areas according to ESG-compliant reporting.

Your advantages at a glance

We help you on the way to becoming a CSR/ESG-compliant company

Join us in meeting the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations

With the "Green Deal", the EU has committed itself to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. From January 2023, this commits companies to comprehensibly
document their CO2 emissions in a sustainability report.

For SMEs and corporations

We support both SMEs and corporate groups and draw on a broad network of partners. By motivating all employees in the long term, you can achieve a sustainable reduction in emissions.
Education and awareness raising
It is important to create awareness of the impacts of climate change through sensitisation and education. After all, major social and economic changes are on the horizon.
Awareness raising & activation
We involve the employees with our solution to make your company climate neutral in the long term. For your green transformation, we offer a playfully simple CO2 management.
Introduction & sustainability
Introduce and maintain the changes in your company in a sustainable way. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution offers a simple calculation of emissions as well as transparent environmental reporting to actively involve employees.

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Track and calculate your carbon footprint easily and get a transparent carbon footprint automatically.

Make your company climate neutral and become a climate saver.

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