Transparent statistics and evaluations

The personal dashboard of the employees clearly shows the annual CO2 target and the emissions already consumed.

Dashboard for all employees

The overview is divided into emissions caused by the way to work, business trips and the machines used.

Reduce your personal ecological footprint

Easily track and reduce your personal carbon footprint. Make your company climate neutral and become a climate saver.

Achieve higher-level & personal goals

Not only managers set targets – employees can also submit individual reduction targets via the CO2 footprint app and track them continuously. In the personal and team dashboard, their own and the company’s degree of target achievement is displayed.

Mobility tracking made easy

Efficient data collection of journeys, machines and fuel types, means of transport and buildings as well as their calculation of the CO2 equivalent. Assistance systems (e.g. GPS tracking, Google Maps, Smart Metre) and templates for recurring business trips make manual data entry superfluous.

Flexibly adaptable change management system

The motivating gamification model and customised profiles at user, team and company level support change management and successfully integrate employees.

Mastering challenges and missions together

Playful challenges and missions keep motivation high and ensure successful team building. The reward system based on points, ranking and prizes that can be offered increase the incentive and interaction over even longer periods of time.

Motivation of employees

On an individual level, the points collected in the following areas can be viewed in this overview:
  • Business mobility
  • Missions completed
  • Achieved personal goals

Green Community Exchange & Awareness Raising

Connecting to social media platforms (Yammer, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) encourages sharing of goals, challenges and achievements, strengthens cohesion and provides a motivational boost. Further education and knowledge sharing are enhanced through the provision of eLearning Videos.

Accompany your company on the path to
green transformation

The solution offers holistic environmental reporting covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3. This allows you to see transparently what needs to be done to achieve your company’s climate goals.

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